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Headwormz Records Origin Story

As many stories begin, this one started out with two friends meeting in high school.  Brandy and Ed have been friends since high school and when her cousin Ashley, used to say she had “head worms” when she got a song stuck in her head.  You know that feeling.  A killer jam that you heard on the radio or from your local garageband and just can’t stop singing it. Well, Brandy sort of ran with that and  drew up the bad ass punk chick you now see before you!  Lizzy is 100% punk rock with a moawk made out of worms, representing those great tracks that you just can’t forget.

Originally, Brandy and Ed wanted to start a punk band. They wrote some songs and had some ideas, but one day were talking to a smart guy they know who was like, “Don’t start one punk band, start 3. That way you have 3 brands to sell to different people. And you don’t start 3 bands, you start a record label.” It sort of snowballed from there and got out of control.  Fast forward a few years and now they are writing and sending contracts, building a recording studio, starting a podcast, and literally spending every available moment trying to track down and work with talented artists. 

Mixing that with the marketing company that Brandy runs and her husband’s IT company,…….they never really got around to starting the initial punk band. 


Brandy - CEO - does basically all the work

Ed - does the stuff Brandy doesn't do

Jon - Techy nerdy stuff

Stephanie - Human Relations (she yells at people about deadlines)