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11 Best Mark Hoppus Guest Appearances

Mark Hoppus is one of my all time favorite musical artists. Sure, he's not the best bass player. Sure, he's probably not the best singer. But there's just something about him that's super-likable. I mean seriously, how many people do you know who don't like Mark Hoppus?

I've been such a fan for so long that I not only have damn near every blink-182 song saved on my Spotify, but I've made a playlist of all the songs that Mark makes a guest appearance on. Check out my playlist, Mark Hoppus, (feat. Mark Hoppus) on Spotify for more. Without further wasting your time, here's 11 times that Mark Hoppus turned a "good" pop punk song into a banger.

11. Psycho by Amy Shark (2018)

10. Hangman by Motion City Soundtrack (2005)

9. Nightmare by Vanilla Sky (2007)

8. Thank You and Goodnight by Tonight Alive (2010)

7. See You Around by Goldfinger (2017)

6. Hate Your Guts by McBusted (2014)

5. Dementia by Owl City (2012)

4. P.S. I Hope You're Happy by the Chainsmokers (2019)

3. Time Machine by State Champs (2018)

2. December (Again) by Neck Deep (2015)

1. I'd Do Anything by Simple Plan (2002)

Did I miss your favorite Mark Hoppus guest appearance? (Don't be an asshole and say Elevator by Box Car Racer-we know that as blink-182)

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