21 Best Pop-Punk Albums From 2000-2009 (19-21)

Updated: Apr 2

21. Cute is What We Aim For, “The Same Old Blood Rush with a New Touch” (2006)

Album Length: 41:58

Tracks: 12

Singles: 3

Average Track Length: 3:30

I discovered this album long after it was released. It wasn't until I was deployed overseas that I really started listening to this band and more specially, this album. One of my good friends would play angsty pop punk music in the office and I'd constantly be asking, "Who is this? These guys rock." This album's singles included "There's a Class For This," "Newport Living," and "The Curse of Curves." I'm not a huge fan of the first two, but love "The Curse of Curves" and "Risque."

This album was released at the height of MySpace and was not viewed as a quality album. Critics thought this was a cheap and shitty knock-off of My Chemical Romance or Panic! At The Disco, two bands who were blowing up at this time. I really enjoy this album and this is my list, so for that, I award it the #21 spot.

20. Forever The Sickest Kids, "Under Dog Alma Mater" (2008)

Album Length: 39:48

Tracks: 12 Singles: 3

Average Track Length: 3:19

I remember exactly where I was when I was introduced to Forever The Sickest Kids (FTSK). I was in a rock cover band in college and was jamming in a bandmate's shitty rental house. He was playing music from his iMac and played these guys. I was hooked. One could argue that it's more pop than punk however, I determine that is qualifies for this list. It pains me to only list this album as #20, but there are even better albums than this on the way. FTSK is still one of my favorite bands of all time.

Under Dog Alma Mater included the singles "Whoa! Oh! (Me vs. Everyone)," "She's a Lady," and "Breakdown." All three of these songs are pop punk bangers. "Whoa! Oh! (Me vs. Everyone)" starts off the album with a classic pop punk guitar lick. Into the pre chorus, there's a great guitar/bass "chugging" and then an anthem-like chorus that you can belt at the top of your lungs when drinking Natty lite. Hell yes.

"She's a Lady" has a catchy electric lead guitar and is about a girl everyone knows. I mean, she's a back seat driver, a drama provider-who DOESN'T know someone like this, come on! But you need to remember that after all, she's a lady and ladies should not be messed with. Awesome and catchy tune.

"Breakdown" has an awesome vocal harmony of basically the entire song. Basically just listen to it. I listen to all 12 songs on this album, they are all pop punk gold and FTSK could have released an additional 3 songs as singles.

19. Cartel, "Chroma" (2005)

Album Length: 49:50

Tracks: 12

Singles: 1

Average Track Length: 4:09

How the Hell, why the Hell...wtf is this doing on this list? There are so many albums better than this! I think this album it totally under appreciated and underrated. Sure, it has the fewest number of singles of any album on this list, "Honestly," but in my opinion, that's not even the best song and still is still a great album.

I think "Say Anything (Else)," "Settle Down," or "If I Fail" could have also been released as singles. Most of the music and lyrics of this album are inspired by the lead singer breaking up with his girlfriend. I mean if that ain't #audioangst I don't know what is. The track list has a great mix of pop punk power chords and some ballads, which include "The Minstrel's Prayer," and "Save Us."

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