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3MindBlight! Nuff said....

It's been 3 weeks since our last post and hopefully you've had time to catch all the previous entries!

But the wait will have been worth it!

Today is an awesome one that has been in the works for a while! I got to chat with 3MindBlight ands blast him with questions about his music, collaborations, future projects and everything in between.

Most of you probably know his music and have seen him around interacting on twitter, read below and get a feel for who he is, how he creates, and where he is headed.

Headworms: Hey man. Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions. I know you're busy so I really appreciate it. So tell me about 3mb: Who are you? Where you from? What are trying to accomplish with your music? You know, the cliché shit.

3MB: I am a multi genre artist and producer of 15 years. I established 3Mind Blight in 2018 to blend all genres. I want to reach as many as possible in all genres with songs that tell a story that the fans can relate with. I am in Tulsa Oklahoma

HW: I've spent the better part of the weekend listening to all you tunes on spotify, it's a pretty eclectic mix. From Traditionally hip hop beats, strings, guitars, to full on metal; "love potion #fine" even has a funk feel. How did you come to just mix it up so much and not pigeon hole yourself into a style, or genre?

3MB: I started out in Rap Hip hop and found a love for playing guitar so I started doing rock. That lead to metal so now I just do all of it.

On that note, how the hell do you compose songs in so many different styles, but still manage to keep it very much YOUR style?

I have a particular sound that I always try to acheive. I listen to the music I am creating and once i feel it - I know it is my brand / style

What's the process? Lyrics or music first?

Both. I envision a song in my head as a video first. I either write and create the music I hear or vice versa.

Do you play all the different instruments yourself?

Yes. I play all of the instruments. I have a new song coming out that i composed all of the music but had a few session musicians play along with me.

The songs with Trysette, Sophie Dorsten, Shimmer Johnson, Clare Estelle; How was the collaborative process and how did those come to be?

I decided that I needed to branch out and add a new sound to my profile. Once i worked with Clare it kind of just went from there. I heard Shimmer on the radio and knew I had to work with her. I listened to Sophie and liked her voice but wanted to see how she would sound in a different genre. I sent her a few things and some music and we basically created the song sending files back and forth to each other.

The instrumentals you've posted; are those songs awaiting lyrics, or do you just sit down and make jams sometimes?

I make instrumentals when i have no words to say. Yes the instrumentals are just working on ideas.

What's 2021 look like for you? Live shows? More collabs?

No more collabs. I may do a few acoustic shows. I will be releasing two or three new Metal songs.

I've plaid "breaking down" A LOT recently and You sent me a link recently to "under control".....more metal coming?

Indeed. Several.

last one. what are you most proud of musically? More specifically, what's your favorite song by you?

My favorite song by me is Breaking Down. It was the first song I did the way I heard it in my head and also the first one I promoted and started socials. Technically, Although I started 3Mind Blight in 2018, I never did anything to get out there until 2020 and it was because of that song.

Thanks again for doing this, and also for being supportive of the small bands. I see your interactions with the people that follow you and I think it's pretty fuckin rad.

I always try to interact and speak with everyone. It is great to get to know the people who listen and create music.

Normally, At this point I'd say "keep an eye for this emerging artist" but in this case, it seems totally unnecessary. Just go hop on the bandwagon at all the links below, and stay tuned to Headwormz and AudioAngst for more artists spotlights from The Heart of the Underground.

Use this link to find everything 3MB: 3mind Blight (songwhip.com)

Here is my 3Mind Blight Spotify


I am also DeadEyeChokeHold ( D.E.C.H ) on Spotify and Soundcloud


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