Arkazul - The LATAM invasion continues

Sometime you sit down to interview an artist or band and you have drag the answers out of them. You get one word answers and "yeah uh-huh" and its a bit of a struggle.

This is not one of those times.

This time, we're just sitting here like, "what the hell do they need me for?" So we just ran with it! Because hey, who better to write the article than the band themselves and fuck it, it's our blog, we do what we want.

So, From the Heart of the Underground we give you Arkazul; Joining BackHome in our interview series as another AMAZING high-energy pop-punk band from Latin America. Enjoy!

Arkazul consists of Daniel Barboza (Vocals/Guitar), Carlos Barboza (Guitar/Chorus), and joining them Yoel Baez (Bass) and Mariana Romero (Drums)

In Their own words:

Throughout these months we've been writing and working on new songs.

Thanks to that, we just released our single "Voces" along with a lyric

video. You can find the link at the end.

The Venezuelan Alternative Rock band, Arkazul, based in Chile, has

released their new single called "Voces" last december through digital

platforms along with a lyric video. "Voces" is a full energy Punk-Rock

song that relates a story of a person suffering and fighting against

depression, trying to get out of that situation.

Arkazul had released the music video of "Confusion Acronica" at the

begining of the quarantine, that is a song from their album "Sin

Retorno", released at the end of 2018.

In this way, the band leans towards singles rather than release a full

album, thus beginning a new stage for them.

ARKAZUL - Voces [Lyric Video]:




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