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Backhome Interview

In honor of the new home of this blog and our collaboration with AudioAngst, we are kicking off this series with some high energy, unabashed, PopPunk!

BACKHOME is a melodic punk rock band originating in Venezuela, but each of the 4 members of this quartet now live 4 different countries;

Alfredo (lead guitar)- Venezuela

Jorge (second guitar) - Peru

Juan Carlos (drums) Panama

Damny (vocals, bass) -Brazil

I had the privilege of talking with frontman Dam over the weekend about everything from the Latin American punk scene to challenges of recording an album with members living in different countries as well as what they have planned for future releases**:

HeadWormz: Who are you guys? What are you about?

Dam: We are four Venezuelan guys born in the same city, but for different reasons 3 of us got out to find a better life. In the middle of this awful pandemic, we decided to [form] a band, just for fun, you know? But then I decided we should do this for real, seriously, with some discipline, and we recorded professionally our first single, and are now recording our second.

HW: Where do you record? Since you're all in different countries, how difficult is that?

Dam: We record our tracks separate, each one in their house. We each have a mini home studio with a little interface to record. Once all the tracks [were recorded], I did a little mix and master, like a demo, and we sent that and all the tracks to a friend in Venezuela who made the [final] mix and master. It’s been so difficult. More so in the beginning when we knew nothing about recording.

We were obligated to learn and study about it, and it was amazing. We learned a lot. [It] was all a DIY process. We loved that process.

HW: That’s incredible! How do you arrange a song like that? Where do you begin?

Dam: [It] helped to appreciate and respect a lot more all those sound engineers and all those people who work in the production, mixing and mastering… It’s hard work, but also beautiful.

I personally became obsessed. I’d spend hours learning and testing my own mix.

HW: The end sound is clearly pop-punk. What influenced that sound the most?

Dam: Yes we are! One of the most influential bands, of course, is Blink-182. But also, NFG, Lagwagon, Millencolin, among others. But those are the most influential to us. Oh, and I forgot Sum-41.

HW: What are you planning for the future?

Dam: We are planning to release four singles in the next 8 months: one single every two months.

HW: Given that you’re in different countries, do you see doing live shows as something that can be possible, or are you content being an “online band?”

Dam: Our idea is to reunite here in Brazil and do some shows, because the punk rock scene is good. We’re not happy [just being] and online band. I refuse to accept that!

HW: You said there is a good punk scene in Brazil, tell me about that.

Dam: Yes it is! The rock scene in general is good. There are so many bands; Harcore punk, punk rock, pop punk; Bands like Dead Fish, Pence, All the Postcards. They are bands with a history and a fan base. Bands like Cpm22 already do shows with bands like Lagwagon and NOFX. That is awesome for any band, and BIG for Latin American Bands.

There’s also indie bands like Californicks. Latin America has such great punk and pop punk bands from Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, and Brazil.

In Ecuador there are great punk rocks bands too; 69 Segundos, for example.

HW: What do you think is the reason for so many punk bands in Latin America?

Dam: I don’t know the reason for sure, but I can tell you that here [there] is a need to express yourself, because there are so many problems; politics, culture, health, security, economics. In other words, [there is] a problem of existence. You have to fight to survive, you know?

So many bands express that in their lyrics and others express more personal issues, but in the end, I think, it’s that need to express yourself, [to be] human, is the reason for so many punk bands in this part of the world.

HW: Do you guys add political ideology to your music?

Dam: There’s always an ideology behind art. You can’t have art without ideology. But if you’re asking if our lyrics contain explicit ideology, like lyrics against the system or social injustice, well, there are a couple songs about ready to be recorded that talk about social injustice and social prejudice, because like it or not, we are a political animal; like the oldman aristotle said.

So yes, we have pop punk lyrics and punk rock lyrics. We have the whole package. I like to be able, and aware, to do that.

HW: That sort of the soul of punk right; speaking out against injustice? Have ever considered or have you ever done any english recordings?

Dam: Absolutely! That's the fundamental origin of punk, no doubt. And yes, we have an english song. Will be our third single. It's very pop punk.

Thanks a lot for the interview! I really enjoyed it!


Keep an eye for new singles coming from BackHome by finding them on all the major social media outlets, spotify, and youtube. Links below!

**Some answers were paraphrased or slightly altered for clarity, with BackHomes permission.


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