Behind The Scene with All Systems Go

I stumbled upon this New Jersey-based band while scrolling through the depths of Spotify. I think I was listening to blink-182 and saw these guys as a recommended artist. I gave them a listen and liked their sound so much that I reached out to them on Twitter. They were awesome enough to let me feature them in an article, so here we are!

All Systems Go (ASG) currently consists of Matt Pezza (vocals/guitar), Devin Kollmar (vocals/guitar), Dean Mason (bass) and Joe Codispoti (drums/piano). Devin and Matt started playing together back in 2016 and through previous projects, formed the band as it is now in 2019. They released their EP, "The Waiting Room" in December 2019. 2019, you say? 2019-right before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic through which we are still living.

Like many other artists/bands, the pandemic has limited their ability to tour and perform live shows. ASG used this time to perform acoustic live streams and continue to build their fanbase through social media. The inability to perform live shows all the time allowed them to focus on content creation and marketing-a venture that has paid dividends as they've grown from a couple hundred listeners to a few thousand.

Why should you check them out? Well because I said so. Seriously, that should be enough. If you need further convincing and like blink-182, A Day to Remember, Fall Out Boy, you will like these guys, as those bands play a large role in influencing ASG's sound and creative process.

Head over to Spotify to check them out. Listen to "I'm Trying," off of "The Waiting Room." The vocal harmony that starts the song off and lasts until the 45 second mark, sounds A LOT like Mark and Tom of blink. Fast forward to the guitar riff at 1:07 and I'm reminded of "The Anthem" by Good Charlotte. Holy shit, I'm 17 again and head banging my ass off and hating my parents. The song "Rom Com" on the more acoustic/ballad side. The guitar sounds super crisp and clean and the vocals/vocal harmonies are killer.

Stay tuned, because All Systems Go has a lot of exciting plans for 2021. They are currently grinding on some demos and there are some big things coming! Until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and live shows are deemed "safe," the band is focusing on new music. I'm pumped to see what is to come!

Check out All Systems Go at the links below:







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