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Behind the Scene with Planet Mercury

"I'm growing tired of this place, but I'm still listening."

I can relate to this song at least five times per day. Whether it's work, people or the city, sometimes I just get so sick up it but still need to pay attention and stay engaged because well, I'm an adult. Often a very angsty adult, but let's talk about this awesome band in this week's featured article.

Planet Mercury is a four-piece band consisting of Jerry Picard (vocals / guitar), Pat Connolly (bass), Michaela Logan (guitar/ backing vocals) and Chris Lovejoy (drums / backing vocals). They're based out of Massachusetts but hail from all over New England and have been playing together since 2017. Fun fact, several of the band members met and started jamming together after meeting in Craigslist. Technology is awesome.

Some of their major musical influences include Green Day, Blink-182 and Oasis. You know I love those first two bands, but damn, Oasis?! Such an awesome and often forgotten band. When you give Planet Mercury a listen, you'll definitely hear this influence. Coincidentally, I was listening to these guys when I was working out this morning and was like, "Why am I thinking of Oasis?" No kidding. So I went back to read their answers to some questions I sent and they cited Oasis as an influence. Seriously, I didn't make this shit up.

Here's my five favorite songs that you should check out:

5. I'll Thank Me Later

4. Comatose

3. Normal Now

2. Thickheaded

1. Burn (has a badass guitar solo at 1:54)

The band has gone on three tours along the East Coast and is looking to resume touring once COVID-19 allows. They're getting ready to release a full length album later this year which already has three singles released. Additionally, AltPress just featured them in an article so yeah, you need to check them out. Speaking of that, check out their latest music video for "Death Wish For Living."

This New England pop-punk band is going to blow up 2021. Stay tuned and reach out to them on social media. They are super responsive to engagement and extremely nice and humble people.

Instagram: @planetmercuryband

Twitter: @planetmercuryma

Facebook: facebook.com/planetmercuryband/

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