Behind the Scene with Project Revise

We are going across the pond for this week's featured band, Project Revise. We're going all the way to the UK to a tiny town called Redditch. Project Revise consists of Chris Tamburro (Vocals/Guitar); Rich Marshall (Bass/Vocals) and David Yarnell (Drums).

They formed in 2016 but have known each other for much longer. An awesome story, Rich and Dave have been playing in punk rock bands together for about the past 18 years. Chris would actually follow their previous bands around and attend their shows and their number one fan. He eventually joined up with them in 2016.

Listening to these guys, I get the vibes of old school 80s English punk music mixed with NFG and Goldfinger. With that said, these guys definitely fit the #audioangst mold. They're influenced by some of my favorite bands: Blink 182, New Found Glory, Sum 41, Less Than Jake and Goldfinger just to name a few.

They've already done some big stuff and played with bands you've probably heard of; Between You & Me and Story Untold back in 2019. They then followed up with supporting The Bottom Line and then played a sold out show with Bronnie at the end of that year. They were crushing 2019 and had some great momentum building up, and then we all know what happened to the entire world in 2020.

They self-release all of their EPs and singles and released their latest single, "Hold Your Ground" on March 19. They have a super creative music video for the song where they leveraged their fanbase and included 70 of them in the video. While the music video is badass, the band feels like this is one of the best songs they've written so far.

Expect lots of great content from Project Revise for the rest of 2021 as they've been busy rehearsing, writing and recording. I'm pumped to see these guys continue to do great things. Check them out on all of their socials below:


Apple Music:





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