Behind the Scene with glimmers

It's an honor to write this week's article on a band that've I've become obsessed with over the last few months. I discovered glimmers right before embarking on a seven hour road trip. This road trip was more memorable than most because it was in a box truck during a severe snow/ice storm. In addition to fearing for my life the entire time, I was belting out their song "The First Thing" almost the whole time.

The band consists of Maggie Schneider, Alex Downtain, Alex Norrell, Ari Patwary, and Jeremy Russell and hail from Atlanta, GA. They formed glimmers in July 2020 but began officially playing together a year prior. Maggie started as a solo artist with the others playing in her backing band. After doing this for about a year, there was more of a "band" vibe going on, so they formed a band! Their music is influenced by bands like Mayday Parade, Stand Atlantic, and All Time Low but also draw inspiration from pop artists like Julia Michaels and Lauv. They really appreciate these bands' honest songwriting and mixing pop and rock elements together. So far, the band is most proud that their song "Not Good at Goodbyes" because it's connected with so many people, especially during what most of us all went through in 2020. Maggie said that it means the world whenever a listener reaches out to her about this song. The band's #1 goal is to make people feel something with their music, and this song is their most personal release yet. Coming up in 2021, they have their new EP "Worlds Apart" dropping April 23rd (TOMORROW!!!!), with a music video being released for each song! Watch them all in order - they are different episodes to a larger story. You will love all these songs.

Their music is available everywhere online (Spotify HERE), and you can buy some cool merch here.

Seriously, this is one of my favorite new bands and you need to check them out. Check out the podcast for this episode and check out my badass merch. #audioangst

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