Best Pop-Punk Albums From 2000-2009 (13-15)

15. Something Corporate, "Leaving Through the Window" (2002)

Album Length: 57:35

Tracks: 14

Singles: 3

Average Track Length: 4:06

This band, specifically the lead singer Andrew McMahon, have been a huge influence on me and how I play the piano. Andrew is a brilliant songwriter and an extremely talented musician. This album was Something Corporate's second and is the longest album on this list, clocking in at almost an hour.

The three singles from this gem include, "I Woke Up In A Car," "Punk Rock Princess," and "If You C Jordan." "I Woke Up In A Car" is my favorite of the three and while "Punk Rock Princess" is far angstier, love the arrangement, mix and lyrics. It sounds like a pop song and then turns to pop punk when the chorus hits.

The most underrated song of this album is "Hurricane." It's angsty AF, with lyrics like, "Stand up don't make a sound your ears might bleed there's sweet fluorescent enemies that live inside of me." It also has the most badass pop punk piano solo of the entire genre. Want more angst? Check out "Straw Dog," which contains lyrics like "The more I step into the sun

The more I step out of the light." Again, Andrew is an amazing songwriter and lyricist.

14. Fall Out Boy, "Take This to Your Grave" (2003)

Album Length: 39:24

Tracks: 12 Singles: 3

Average Track Length: 3:17

This is one of my favorite albums of all time. One of the GOATs, for sure. The three singles included, "Dead on Arrival," "Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy?," and "Saturday." All three of these are pop punk classics. I'm sure you know of all these songs already, so I want to talk about some of the other classics on this album.

"Sending Postcards from a Plane Crash (Wishing You Were Here)" is an upbeat catchy song, angst-filled, that tells someone, "When you go, I will forget everything about you." The lead guitar melody makes the song catchy.

"Chicago is So Two Years Ago" contains another catchy guitar progression and has a the catchy lyrics, "She took me down and said boys like you are overrated. So save your breath." I mean what teenage guy hasn't had a girl tell him this?!

13. Motion City Soundtrack, "Commit This to Memory" (2005)

Album Length: 39:19

Tracks: 12

Singles: 3

Average Track Length: 3:16

Much like the previous album, "Commit This to Memory" comes in with the same amount of tracks, singles and almost the same overall run time. Crazy, right? The singles from this album include "Everything is Alright," "Hold Me Down," and "L.G. Fuad" and the album was produced by my man-crush, Mark Hoppus.

"Everything is Alright" starts with a great drum intro, then with a call and answer vocal arrangement. It wouldn't be MCS without some heavy synth, right after. There's nothing off the charts about this song, it's a classic and well-done pop punk song.

I am more of a fan of "When You're Around." This wasn't a single has more of power chord/chug than "Everything is Alright." In addition to his crazy hair cut, lead singer Justin Pierre has great vocals on this track and reminds us that, "I can't fucking stand you when you're around." That's how I feel about a lot of people on a lot of days.

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