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Best Pop-Punk Albums From 2000-2009 (16-18)

Updated: Apr 2

18. The Academy Is..., "Almost Here" (2005)

Album Length: 32:57

Tracks: 10

Singles: 3

Average Track Length: 3:17

You want to know a secret? I'm actually not a big fan of these guys or this album. They made the list because while I am not a huge fan, I recognize and understand the impact that they had in the pop punk world and what was going on in the scene during this time. I only learned of this bands' existence because my best friend in college was obsessed with them. Like HUGE fan. Hey, we all have our things that we like and I'm not one to judge-great band, just not my cup of tea.

This album was their debut and is the shortest for time of all the albums on this list. Its singles consisted of, "Checkmarks," Slow Down," and "The Phrase that Pays." I actually don't like any of these songs. If I had to pick a few that are on my #Spotify playlist, they are "Black Mamba" and "Attention." The album hit #185 on the Billboard Top 200 list-not bad for a whiny pop punk band, am I right?

17. Sugarcult, "Palm Trees and Power Lines" (2004)

Album Length: 40:43

Tracks: 12 Singles: 2

Average Track Length: 3:23

The second album from a truly bad-ass band, Palm Trees and Powerlines had the singles, "Memory" and "She's the Blade" two fucking BANGERS!!!! The same college best friend who introduced me to The Academy Is... got me listening to these guys. I initially fell in love with their sound because it reminded me a lot of classic rock.

She's the blade and your'e just paper. Angst 2.0 right there, my friend. I think that "Memory" has been on every playlist that I've ever made since 2006. It has such a classic arrangement and a killer guitar solo. If you hear the guitar solo in this song and don't flip over a table and start playing air guitar, you need to have a mental evaluation done because you are crazy AF.

16. +44, "When Your Heart Stops Beating" (2006)

Album Length: 44:00

Tracks: 12

Singles: 5

Average Track Length: 3:40

Alright, most of you know that I am a Mark Hoppus fanboy. I don't even care. He's awesome and his music has stood the test of time. I love the guy's voice, he's hilarious and a mediocre bass player. Holy shit, I think I have a crush on Mark Hoppus. Anywho..."When Your Heart Stops Beating" was the debut and only album by this Blink-182 spin-off band that clocks in at exactly 44 minutes. Coincidence, probably not. I had the privilege to see these guys live around 2007 or so and they killed it.

This album has the highest single/track count (2.4) of all the albums on this list. That's right, 12 total tracks with 5 singles. The singles include, "No, It Isn't," "Lycanthrope," "When Your Heart Stops Beating," "Baby Come On," and "155." Wow, that's a lot of singles.

"No, It Isn't" is a slow song about betrayal, more specifically the betrayal that Mark and Travis felt from Tom. I also always thought it was a stab at Tom, as Tom's new band Boxcar Racer had a song titled "There Is." That relationship may be a stretch.

My favorite song from the album is "155." Travis crushes it on drums and the guitar and bass lines are super catchy. Mark's vocals are just awesome on this song, and really the entire album. Rumor has it, the song got its name because it is 155 beats per minute (bpm).

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