Best Pop-Punk Albums From 2000-2009 (7-9)

9. The All-American Rejects, “Move Along” (2005)

Album Length: 42:09

Tracks: 12

Singles: 3

Average Track Length: 3:30

When I think of movies like American Pie, I think of two bands, and this is one of them. I remember listening to this album and rocking out in my dorm room during my freshman year of college. This smash-hit album had three singles which followed a typical pop-punk formula of good song, banger, ballad. They included, "Dirty Little Secret," "Move Along," and "It Ends Tonight."

Again, this is an album that should be listened to in its entirety, as the whole thing is filled with great songs. I loved "It Ends Tonight" because it features the piano. I'd be lying if I said I didn't buy the sheet music for it so I could learn how to play it...

Tyson Ritter has a much more mature voice on this album compared to the band's previous album in 2002. Some of the songs where he nails it, other than the singles include, "11:11," "Dance Inside," and "I'm Waiting." If this album is only #9, the others must be incredible...

8. Jimmy Eat World, "Bleed American" (2001)

Album Length: 46:38

Tracks: 11

Singles: 4

Average Track Length: 4:14

This album was one of the ones that began the decade with an angsty, power chord pop punk. Personally, they are not one of my favorite bands but this album was influential in the genre and its 4 singles, "Bleed American," "The Middle," "Sweetness" and "A Praise Chorus" were extremely popular. The only ones of these I liked were "The Middle" and "Sweetness."

I actually saw Jimmy Eat World in concert around 2007-2008 and was fortunate enough to be in the second row. It was a great show but was kind of lame because I only knew three songs. I wish I could say how great the other songs are on this album, but it's just not really my cup of tea. I'm obviously not that smart, though because the album is certified platinum and performed very well on the Billboard charts.

7. Yellowcard, "Ocean Avenue" (2003)

Album Length: 47:26

Tracks: 13

Singles: 3

Average Track Length: 3:39

As Much as I didn't like the last album, I was OBSESSED with this one. Again, vivid and angsty memories of driving to high school baseball practice in my friend's Mustang GT blasting this as loud as the speakers would go. The entire album is basically about getting out of this town, a tale as old as time in the audio angst world.

The singles from this album were all incredible and were "Way Away," "Ocean Avenue" and "Only One." "Ocean Avenue" has one of the most well-done bridges of all time to include to instrumental arrangement and lyrics. "I remember the look in your eyes, when you told me that this was goodbye. You were begging me not tonight not here, not now." Sadness, angst, I mean, damn. Who can't relate to this?

Other great songs from this album include "Breathing," and the ballad "One Year, Six Months." Making a killer pop punk album and featuring an electric violin on many of the tracks is just plain awesome. I mean come on...

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