Keep Your Secrets- Capitolized Pop Punk

Keep Your Secrets is a modern-day pop punk band out of the Washington DC area whose latest single "Apprehension" has been blowing up my Spotify playlists.

The band is comprised of Malerie on lead vocals, Matt on drums (additionally mixes/produces), Kyle on bass, Ken on lead guitar and Jasiu on rhythm guitar. The band draws influence from some of the ultimate pop punkers of past and present like Fall Out Boy, Stand Atlantic, The Story So Far and Neck Deep.

"If the pop punk of yesterday consisted of angsty teen anthems, then we write music for anxious young adults who grew up on pop punk and emo and are still trying to find their place in life. Much like us!"- Matt

Matt and I Malerie started Keep Your Secrets while they were in quarantine. They both realized that they were picking up some major musical momentum and that the band was destined to last a lot longer than they initially imagined. They wrote songs by exchanging ideas through text and emails then recorded individual parts of songs to share. During this time, Matt wrote and performed all instrumentals while Malerie sung vocals .

They found great success shortly after forming by releasing covers like “Therefore I am” by Billie Eilish (which has over 30k Spotify streams now) and “Forget Me Too” by Machine Gun Kelly (which has over 20k Spotify streams now). Quick note: Forget Me Too is one of my favorite songs of the last 5 years and KYS's version is awesome.

Fast forwarding to this year, Keep Your Secret released their first single Forget Me When You're Gone,” on June 4th, and then their second single “Apprehension” on July 2nd. Their third single will be released very, VERY soon, like NEXT WEEK.

BIG NEWS- Be on the lookout for their EP to drop on September 10!

Give them a listen (links below) and if you live in the DC and surrounding areas, go see them live!

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