StageMoms, Pride month, & Canned bread

We got a banger today, and who better during PRIDE MONTH than STAGE MOMS?!

You like Pop Punk? SadBoi yelly-pop-punk? You like bad ass good bangers that make you jump up and down smash shit? Yeah, us too and this band from West Virginia delivers!

All the upbeat angst you cram into a single song, with a sound that pretty clearly their own.

I first heard this band with their single "231" and I was hooked. The more I listened, the more I thought, "these guys are legit."

So, because we interview bands we love, we reached out to them and they said yes, which should be obvious at this point, or this article is about to take an awkward turn.....

Before you continue below to our little chit-chat, decked out in rainbow font for our LQBTQ+ friends, brother. sisters, and everyone in between, let me take this opportunity and this soap box of a platform to express our deep support of a community that is truly amazing. Hatred, prejudice, sexism and bigotry have no place in the punk community - a community that's always represented freedom, unity, and free expression. We are proud to be affiliated and friends with such a diverse and talented group of people. We will always stand for individual rights, and always support those who do the same.

Now, on to what you clicked here for.....

HEADWORMZ: What up punks? Thanks for taking time to give us an interview!

From listening to your interview on The PopPunk & Pizza Podcast

I learned your band name was inspired by your stumbling upon a band named Hockey

Dad and rather than going with Dance Moms, Stage Moms is the idea that stuck! That's

so killer, love it! Where there some other "dumb" names in the hat that didn't make it?

Hey so I was really pushing for Canned Bread to be our name which I'm glad we

ultimately decided against it, because I really think Stage Moms is a great name. We're

really lucky that all of us have the same sense of humor and even our Manger (Taylor

Eby) has the same sense of humor as us so it weirdly is the perfect fit for a name for this

group of people.

HEADWORMZ: All of us at HeadWormz have listened to you guys for a few months now, you were there for our beginning! We really appreciate that and we are definitely fans! We were still surprised by your tweet that 4/5ths of the band is LGBTQ+ and we wanna know more! I think especially during pride month we want to highlight the issues, good, bad, and meh. And I think a ton of people would love to know how the pop punk community has treated the subject, in your opinion.

STAGE MOMS: That is awesome! I'm really glad we found each other and became friends at basically the beginning of both of our projec's careers, I'm really excited to see us both grow! And yea 4/5th of us are LGBTQ+ but I pretty much always kinda feel not weird talking about it but kinda not sure what exactly to say because we pretty much all look like every hxc dude in the scene, so the scene doesn't really treat the subject one way or another - it's honestly just not like super well known. We definitely want to tour with more

bands and crew that are members of the LGBTQ+ community, and try to talk about it and

be there for our friends and fans who are part of the community as much as we can

especially because pop-punk has always been kind of a boys club.

STAGE MOMS: On the last tour we did, every single person on it was LGBTQ which we thought was super cool especially because we were 3 days into the run before we even realized it.

HEADWORMZ:Yeah, I think the boys club part is so true, but, not for long or not anymore, somewhere in between! Most people assume I am a dude, but, I am fine with that! We are a group of people, mostly women, and I can't really imagine anyone actually being "straight"; like, is that a thing? There will always be the gatekeeping neck beards that think they decide what's punk, like we need their permission. Anarchy isn't just a sticker, we hate rules! We grew quickly because there is such a great community of punks out here that support each other and that's really exciting!

HEADWORMZ:Okay okay, next side project or maybe an EP?

STAGE MOMS: We plan on making an album but don't have the funds or fanbase to put a whole ass album out yet so I think the plans to just try and crank out a few singles, especially because our whole discography is only 8 songs long.

HEADWORMZ: We all really dig your sound! It's definitely pop punk, but you really have some edge and we absolutely loved it from the first listen! Do you really compare yourselves to any

"Big" bands?

STAGE MOMS: Thank you so much and when we do the like for fans of we always say Crucial Dudes, The Story So Far and Four Year Strong. My all time favorite band is the Wonder Years and we were teenagers around the sadboi era of pop-punk and that's my all time favorite era bands like The Wonder Years, Man Overboard, The Story So Far, Handguns, This Time Next Years, Daggermouth, Crucial Dudes are basically the pop-punk sound of like 2013 is what we're really going for but we mix it with our influences and pasts in Hardcore, Metalcore, Folk-Punk.

HEADWORMZ: What's your local music scene like?

STAGE MOMS: The local music scene in our area is super hit or miss. Before covid I owned a venue called Thunderbirds that was in Moundsville WV and the scene around the venue was so much fun and super supportive especially to the touring acts.

HEADWORMZ:Sweet! I did hear you talk about Thunderbirds in an interview, I love that you did that! That 2013 vibe comes thru for sure, but, not stale. You put your own spin on it! Much respect for how you meld those influences and your signature sound to make

something new!

STAGE MOMS: Thank you so much

HEADWORMZ: You are more than welcome! Thank you for sharing your talents with the world!

STAGE MOMS: Appreciate you ❤

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