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We all know and love pop-punk. You can say you don't, but get fucked. You know every words to "All the small things" and will sing any Greenday song that comes on the radio.

We also have a weird relationship with it: listening to 40 year olds sing about break ups and making fart and dick jokes, is, well......kinda weird.

But today's featured artists get a pass. They get to talk about all the shit that effected us when we were high school, because they ARE IN HIGHSCHOOL. They aren't reliving the glory days of popularity, stuck in the past refusing to change they're style because this is "just how I've always dressed." Nope. This is their reality and they are telling it like it is; their world view done their way and it's as refreshing as it sounds.

Make no mistake. These guys are legit. They have a style that's very pop-punk, but clearly rooted in the DIY punk of early 90's and late 80's and they've blended those in a way that is unique and perfect with even a little ska poking through.

So I reached out to them to see where the future of punk is coming from and where they are going.

HW: Let’s start at the beginning. Who are you guys?


Logan Greenberg - bassist & lead singer

Tim Hennion - drummer

Jack Henry - guitarist

What are you all about?

We are about supporting independent artists and equal pay towards all musicians. It’s very unfair that the bigger artists in the music industry keep getting richer and the new/upcoming artists hardly see the same fortune. Not to mention that new artists rarely see large payments from streaming services due to the small number of streams they get.

What kind of music do you make?

We make what we would call alternative-punk music. It’s a mix of classic punk, pop punk, ska punk, and skate punk all in one.

So tell me about the process of making music: how do you record, mix, write? Where does the inspiration for your music come from?

The inspiration of our music comes from our musical influences and personal experiences. I love writing in the major keys, but we are expanding our songwriting abilities.

I start song writing by using music theory to create a well structured song form and either a lyrical melody or a counter melody with a guitar. Then I record the parts on my phone as a song demo. After that, I send the song to Jack and Tim and when we meet up in rehearsal, we go over the song and change it, if needed. This way we each contribute to the song.

In the past, we mixed and recorded our selves in my bedroom. We didn’t have any experience with recording so we just winged it. This is how we recorded our Demo EP.

The Purple Is Underrated album was different. We went to my friends place to record, mix, master that album. It took us 21 hours over a span of 4 days to record it, but we spent weeks mixing/mastering it.

That’s a pretty intense recording process for a small band! Did you enjoy it?

For sure. It’s one thing to have an idea for a song, but making that idea into an actual song on physical copies and available all over the world is just stunning. It feels great. So much time and effort was put into those songs but it was definitely worth the while. So what’s the plan moving forward? Our plan is to keep writing and creating new content for a new album while finding a way to get our name in the world.

Any new music coming soon? There is definitely some new stuff on the way, but it’s still in the early phases of the songwriting process. Any idea when we can expect it? Sadly, not yet. We have been working hard to make these songs absolutely perfect before we start recording and releasing them to the world That’s awesome! How many songs are we talking? Well I have 8 right now, but we change parts of each one during our rehearsals. Our idea is to release a series of EPs or Singles in place of another album for now. Very cool! Are you going to get to live shows? We don’t have any planned right now. It’s hard to play a safe and responsible show during these pandemic days. I think we all have been very eager to play in front of a live audience again

Yeah, that seems to be a recurring theme for bands. So what can we expect from these new songs? Similar to the previous, or have you got some new surprises for everyone? We were actually talking about this last night in rehearsal. We think that these songs have some similar attributes of our other songs, as well as some new flare to them. That is part of the reason why I think these are some of our best songs yet! Well, we can’t wait to hear them! Anything else you want people to know about your band that we haven’t covered? I think that covers everything. We can’t think of anything else. Thank you so much for doing this, we can’t wait to read the others that you’ve done as well! My pleasure!

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for new music and an expanded sound coming from these very near future and be sure to check out all the links below to stay up to date on everything they have done so far.

Website: http://liveanotherdayband.com

Instagram: http://Instagram.com/liveanotherdayband…

Facebook: http://Facebook.com/liveanotherdayband…

Twitter: https://Twitter.com/ladayband

YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCHDc7LlHNwdnWxqySJaAfOQ… Bandcamp: https://liveanotherday.bandcamp.com/merch

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