Top 5 Female Leads of Pop Punk In (2021 Edition)

Updated: Mar 2

I know I'll get some heat for the women that I pick for this list and some of my other thoughts, but fuck off, I don't care- it's my list. Make your own damn blog if you are too upset about it. This list is not meant to include those who are still crushing it in the scene right now, but is for five badass women whose music makes me rock out in 2021.

Some background: Until recently, I wasn't too big of a fan of women pop-punk vocalists. It's not that I am against women- I'm a family man and live in a house with three strong-willed females. I think this comes from a history of listening to male-only lead vocals. When you think of the big-time rock starts since, well, ever; most of them are male. Good, bad, ugly, whatever, that's an accurate statistic, and I grew up listening to classic rock and then pop-punk. As more female vocalists came into the scene, I think I just got used to it and now really enjoy their sound and how it fits in with the rest of the pop-punk arrangement.

5. Cassadee Pope (Band: Hey Monday)

I found out about Hey Monday when I was searching the internet for pop punk bands with female leads. I never heard of the band or Cassadee prior to this Google search. Cassdee is more of a pop vocalist who often fits into a pop-punk music arrangement or songs. She has an outstanding voice and is almost always double-tracked. A truly gifted vocalist who can certainly rock, she has a diverse voice and now sings a lot of country music. Check out the songs "How You Love Me Now," and "Obvious" by Hey Monday.

4. Bonnie Fraser (Band: Stand Atlantic)

I got hooked on this band when I stumbled on their song about dinosaurs. Yeah, the song is about dinosaurs and called "Jurassic Park." Fucking awesome. Bonnie's voice is more on the side of punk, opposed to some of her pop counterparts on this list. She has a very aggressive yet still feminine voice, an awesome combo in the genre. Two other songs where she kills the vocals are "Lavender Bones" and "Coffee at Midnight."

3. Mikaila Delgado (Band: Yours Truly)

Yours Truly is one of the bands that got me through the pandemic of 2020. I came across the song "High Hopes," which features a really heavy guitar intro and then transitions into Mikaila singing with some power chords. She has an incredible voice and airs more towards the punk genre. Some other great songs you should check out by Yours Truly are "Circles," "Funeral Home," (my favorite song on this blog post) and "I Can't Feel."

2. Hayley Williams (Band: Paramore)

One of the OGs of female vocalists in the pop punk scene. Sure, you know all of the Paramore smash hits like, "Misery Business" and "Crushcrushcrush." If you don't like or at least respect those songs, get the hell off this blog post. Why I like Hayley is because she's lended her voice to so many other, not always pop-punk songs and has adapted her voice while still staying true to herself over the decades. "Airplanes" by B.O.B. is a hop hop song. Hayley was able to bring a punk vibe and flair to is during the chorus and I think it's why that song (and really B.O.B.) achieved such success. These days, Hayley and Paramore have shifted their sound to songs like "Hard Times," and "Told You So."

1. Chrissy Costanza (Band: Against the Current)

If you've never heard of this band, you need to check them out, now! (wait until you are finished reading this, actually). I discovered them when I was deployed to Afghanistan for nine months and their up beat songs broke up the monotony and got me through all of the long gym sessions. Chrissy has a killer voice and is also a huge gamer (if you are into that). From the poppy "Young and Relentless" to the more serious and edgy "That Won't Save Us," Chrissy and ATC is making some badass music and you are missing out if they aren't on your Spotify playlist.

There you have it, four of my favorite females of the pop punk scene. If you liked this article, please share it with a friend.

Did I miss anyone?

Who are some of your favorite?

Share in the comments and I will see you next time.

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